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King's Duck Solution is a natural deterrent developed for situations where ducks are gathering and fouling. Swimming pools, pontoons, jetties and entertainment areas are all places of interest to this creature of habit.

Our solution works by way of making the area no longer enjoyable for the bird and after a few days it will stop visiting your location.

Ducks are mainly active at night and spend the days resting and dabbling or foraging for food. They have a good memory and remember areas that give them a bad experience. Breaking this routine is the key and our product is the solution.

A 1L bottle will cover 20 lineal metres applied at a rate of a small 50mls puddle free poured every metre. Only treat the areas the duck prefers. These should be obvious and first clean away any droppings and continue to broom any droppings away during the 7 – 10 days treatment period. A second application may be required depending on the number of ducks, how long they have been visiting and the frequency of visitation.

There are 3 periods in a Ducks year where they are most obstinate. This is mating, nesting and hatching. Mating and Nesting sees the male or female molt their flying feathers which severely limits their ability to move on for at least 10 – 14 days. Hatching will see the female and male stay in the local area until their young are ready to move on independently. This period is 4 weeks. All other times they are simply visiting, getting to know the location, feeding off the insects attracted by their droppings and generally resting and preening.

Once the ducks decide your place is part of their daily routine then it is added to the short list for mating, nesting and hatching. Our solution is there when you cannot be and makes your place unsuitable for these activities.

Our product will leave no permanent staining as it is all natural and bio degrades over time. Once the ducks have left the application can be easily removed with an further application of Sodium Bi-Carbonate. Use a stiff brush or broom and hose away.

Our product has been available now for many years and has enjoyed much success with 1000’s of happy customers. If you want the ducks to go away and not return then our product is for you.

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Looking after my parents pool I was very happy with the way King's Duck Solution quickly solved the on-going problem of ducks messing up the place. They had tried all the other ideas but a friend put me on to your product. Thanks Champ.

Jon L, Pool Owner

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